Simply put, Prospecting EDU is a source of prospecting information in easy to find places that are no more than a couple of mouse clicks away. As the library grows, so will your ability to grow as a Prospector and Small-Scale Miner.

I have been working closely with a number of the “Who Is” in the prospecting and mining industry for years, People dedicated to the search and recovery of gold but most importantly, willing to share information on what it takes to be the best in the field.

Prospecting EDU will guide you through videos and podcasts where if you are new to prospecting you can start at the beginning with the basics, to navigating to that one video or podcast that help in answering that one question you need to get your edge.

Follow the links below to get On the Gold. Take your time browse around and take in everything you can. After all, I may be the ringleader and the ATC but always remember that the contributors and I have done all of this for you.